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Individual Enrollments

Schools and parents may enroll students individually in any VHS course for $450 per semester. Please review our enrollment policies prior to registering. Students should always check with their school prior to enrolling to ensure that the VHS course will be accepted for credit. Schools enrolling four or more students in VHS courses should designate and train a site coordinator.
Register for individual courses.

School Options - Join The Collaborative

Teaching Memberships - Our most popular option.

Participate in our consortium of schools by designating one of your teachers to teach a VHS course.  Your school will save on membership fees—typically between 35% and 65% off the individual seat tuition, and your staff will benefit through blended teaching skills. Teacher and site coordinator training is free for new memberships.

Student Only Membership

Your students still have the opportunity to benefit from VHS courses even if you don’t have a teacher to contribute. Student only memberships start with as few as 5 seats per semester. Site coordinator training is included for free, and schools enjoy discounts based on the size of their membership of up to 40% off of the individual tuition price.

Consortium Memberships

Pool resources, share seats, and take advantage of our volume discount option for Educational Service Providers or state or district programs. Talk to a School Development Specialist for details.

Summer School

VHS Summer School offers 4 and 8-week courses to catch up, get ahead, or enrich your learning experience. Students enrolling on their own should check with their school to verify that the VHS course will be accepted for credit.